How an entrepreneur with ADHD built a passion project

Many adults with ADHD either want a passion project or need to do something that allows them to feel a sense of purpose. When we embark on these types of projects, we feel energized, excited and fulfilled in life.

This episode features Morgan Hancock, founder of Bourbon with Heart based in Kentucky. Bourbon with Heart is a nonprofit that helps fund the arts and other nonprofit organizations.

Morgan is a commercial real estate professional with ADHD, a U.S. Army veteran, and a successful entrepreneur, and she shares her tips for navigating a busy life and creating a passion project.

  • Morgan discusses how many with ADHD need to embrace some type of chaos in life.
  • She talks about how a basic To Do List saved her life.
  • She discusses time blocking, including how she handles her commercial real estate duties and nonprofit responsibilities.
  • Morgan also discusses how in some cases, impulsivity is a good thing when it comes to passion projects. Allowing many to take on risks that others would not.
  • She also discusses how she learned the value of teamwork in the military and how to work with others.
  • Morgan discusses how we cannot be scared to fail if we’re going to be successful in business and life.

Find Bourbon with Heart here and explore all the great things they’re doing.



Overlooked elements entrepreneurs with ADHD need to know

Many adults with ADHD decide to open their own business or become entrepreneurs. There are many reasons for this. But before we take on such an important journey, those with ADHD must be aware of what’s ahead to succeed.

Whether you are looking at entrepreneurship or just looking to find your next career move, you’ll find great value in this discussion with Aron Croft of Hidden ADHD.

Aron discusses some of the pros and cons of people with ADHD entering self-employment or entrepreneurship. He talks about why many with ADHD want and need freedom, the desire for scalability in their business, and being in charge because many with ADHD do not like being told what to do.

Aron Croft Hidden ADDAron also talks about why he decided to become an entrepreneur but is honest about his journey along the way which was not always smooth. While Aron had a great job he found himself looking for a higher calling and began the process of building his own entrepreneurial journey on the side.

Aron also talks about the different types of fit you need to be aware of if you are venturing out on your own including the market, whether the product fits you and your values, pricing, and the process. Do these fit into the way you can operate?

He also discusses several productivity tips, activation psychology, and building the right habits to take your next steps.

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Tips for reevaluating your career and life as an adult with ADHD

Adults with ADHD can make more career decisions than others. There are many reasons for this including boredom, not being challenged and other reasons such as overwork and burnout.

Reevaluating your career, which will affect your overall life, is a process that should not be done with impulsiveness. Thought and care needs to be put into your next career move and life change.

Alex Gilbert from Cape-Able Consulting joined Dave on Overcoming Distractions to talk about how to be methodical about new life choices and the signs that you may need to make changes in your life.

Alex brings up several great discussion points about reevaluating your career and life choices.

She says to ask yourself, “what do I want and what do I need in a career?

She said it might be time to evaluate your career and your job if you experience the following.

  • Having trouble getting up in the morning.
  • Being constantly reprimanded at work may indicate the wrong job or career.
  • Working in a toxic environment.
  • You feel bored or not challenged.
  • You continue to feel stressed out and experience anxiety.

Alex takes us through a number of important tips to get you thinking about your next move.

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Should I disclose my ADHD to my employer? Podcast

Have you ever wondered if you should disclose your ADHD to your employer, your boss or your coworkers? Maybe even your clients?

First, this is your choice but hopefully this discussion will help you make the right choice for your situation.

This week we have back Grant Crowell, Author of Grantasms Creative twisted words for cool people!  and a self-professed social wordsmith.

Grant CrowellGrant has been an employee, a contractor he’s talked about his ADHD and some cases he hasn’t talked about his ADHD.

In this discussion about disclosing your ADHD in the workplace, we cover:

  • What are the negatives of disclosing your ADHD.
  • The positive examples of disclosing ADHD.
  • Resources available to understand your options for reasonable accommodations.
  • What reasonable accommodations are in the workplace.

Grant provides several tips to help you make the decision about disclosing your ADHD to your employer.

  • Find an ally if possible.
  • Obtain an official diagnosis of ADHD.
  • Understand your strengths in the workplace.
  • Don’t wait too long if you need accommodations.

Grant is hosting a webinar about how to get workplace accommodations for ADHD. The link is below as well as other links to connect with Grant.

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5 favorite brain hacks..and more… for adults with ADHD

If you’re looking for a little bit of motivation to kick your brain into gear, this episode of Overcoming Distractions will help you give you a bit of a kick start.

Dr. Lara Honos-Webb, author of Brain Hacks and several other books on ADHD, is back on the podcast, and she is joined by Pen King. Both are co-founders of Bonding Health.

Pen is also a partner in a venture capital firm which requires him to be on his game.

Both Lara and Pen offer their advice for giving your brain a little hacking.

Lara says some of the more important things to consider when we are not feeling 100% is to recognize our feelings, create some type of action steps and create a list of our needs.

She also outlines several questions you can ask yourself to get you thinking clearly again. Those include:


—If I were more confident in myself, what would I do?
—If I were more driven, what would I do?
—If I were still age 10, what would I do?

And more to get you thinking.

Pen King discusses several things that he feels are important as a busy entrepreneur, including understanding the courage to move forward, being resourceful when you need it in understanding how to use your energy when you have it.

Learn more about bonding health here, which provides research-backed tools to help ADHD parenting.



How an entrepreneur with ADHD grew his copywriting agency to 7 figures

Konrad Sanders is the CEO and founder of the Creative Copywriter based in London. The agency focuses on copywriting and brand building for a whole host of brands, large and small.

Konrad comes on Overcoming Distractions to discuss how he built his copywriting agency to be a 7-figure company, and he also discusses some of the challenges getting there as an adult with ADHD.

He talks about many of the challenges he needed to overcome as an entrepreneur with ADHD, including:

  • Gaining more focus
  • The shiny object syndrome
  • Wanting to do everything at once
  • The challenge with completing tasks and projects
  • Time management
  • Burnout

Konrad SandersKonrad talks with Dave about the “must haves” an entrepreneur with ADHD needs to have in place to grow and thrive. Those include:

  • Self-awareness about you and your ADHD.
  • Understanding your weaknesses.
  • You must have optimism.
  • Drive and passion as an adult with ADHD.
  • Understand there need to be processes in place.
  • Identify and find people that complement your skills.

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How to find what energizes you when you have ADHD

Those of us with ADHD need to find the activities that provide us energy, good dopamine and allow us to maintain a good mood in outlook on life. When we constantly engage in activities that deplete our energy and even sucked the life out of us, we begin to face many challenges.

Laura MacNiven of the Springboard Clinic based in Canada is back on the podcast.

Laura talks about why it is important for people with ADHD to find the activities in our life that provide us with energy. Those going to be professional such as a career or a job or personal activities such as hobbies that you enjoy.

Laura MacNiven Springboard ClinicLaura however says that it is a challenge for many with ADHD to understand their own wants and needs and it is important to check in with yourself regularly to gain more self-awareness around activities that either provide us energy or ZAP our energy.

Dave and Laura also discuss the concept of being more productive in our lives by removing the activities that challenge our energy.

Laura and Dave also talk about how many with ADHD can experience burnout faster than others because we may be focusing on activities and other areas of our life that are depleting our energy and causing us to feel exhausted.

And Laura gives her tips to help us identify what energizes us such as a career or a job or other areas of our life.

And she discusses how we cut out the areas of our life that may be dragging us down and zapping our energy.

Laura and the Springboard Clinic are offering several upcoming courses and they are listed below. They have also provided listeners of Overcoming Distractions with the coupon code which is also below.



COUPON CODE: DAVE15 (15% off either the adult or parenting course) 

Managing ADHD, burnout, and productivity at the same time

Managing adult ADHD can be challenging for the best of us. Managing burnout can be a tremendous effort for many as well. When we have both, that presents circumstances that should cause us to take action to improve our well-being.

This week we talk about adult ADHD, burnout and many other challenges those of us face in our lives. Catherine Avery of Catherine Avery ADHD Coaching is the guest this week.

Catherine discusses how she managed adult ADHD, two experiences of burnout, and recovery from cancer.

She also discusses why she experienced burnout more than once and why she needed to make changes in her life after this second burnout.

One key takeaway in this podcast from her experience with burnout is telling people to ask for help.

Because Catherine is also a productivity and ADHD coach, she offers tips for improving productivity during stressful times.

It’s OK to be unproductive sometimes.

Find a hobby or sport that you like.

Meditation can help with productivity.

Pause, plan and prioritize.

Save time by taking 10 minutes to plan your day.



How does accountability help those with adult ADHD?

If you have wondered how accountability groups and partners can help you thrive with adult ADHD, you’ll want to listen to this podcast episode.

Accountability is a powerful tool for managing adult ADHD if implemented correctly.

Eric Tivers of ADHD reWired is back on the podcast to discuss the concept of accountability and how it can dramatically improve our lives as adults with ADHD.

In this podcast about adult ADHD and accountability, we discuss:

Eric describes and gives His definition of what he feels accountability is. Because many of us think of this word as a negative, Eric dispels the myths of accountability.

Eric also discusses how the ADHD brain responds to certain forms of accountability and how it can be a powerful tool in many areas of our lives.

He also talks about what does not work when it comes to accountability.

Eric gives tips for people who are ready to bring accountability into their lives including how to start. He discusses options such as accountability groups, individual coaching, and accountability buddies.

And, Eric gives tips to ensure the effectiveness of accountability.

If you are open to cooperative accountability with no power differential, accountability can be a great tool for managing your ADHD.

Learn more about ADHD reWired including accountability groups and Eric popular podcast here.


ADHD and entrepreneurship. 4 things to consider…and more…

In this podcast, we are talking about one of Dave’s favorite topics, and that is ADHD and entrepreneurship. If you are an adult with ADHD and you’ve thought about starting your own business or you have just become an entrepreneur, you’ll take away several items to think about in your journey as somebody who is self-employed.

Back on the podcast is Skye Rapson the founder of the Unconventional Organisation based in New Zealand which offers various types of ADHD support. Skye herself as an entrepreneur, discusses how she entered the world of entrepreneurship and what it took to get her organization off the ground.

Skye also talks about some of the challenges she faced as an entrepreneur with ADHD and what she did to mitigate some of those challenges to be able to grow her business.

Skye and Dave discuss some of the areas that entrepreneurs with ADHD should focus on to become successful. Those include:

Understanding your ADHD including your strengths and weaknesses. Also, understanding that you are an entrepreneur with ADHD.

Skye says it’s important to understand how the day works for you as well as the best times of day to get certain types of work accomplished.

Dave and Skye also discuss finding the best system for to-do lists and other productivity strategies.

Skye says it is also important to get the right support, whether that is administrative support, or a coach that understands ADHD and entrepreneurship.