If you are an adult with ADHD, this conversation is built just for you. Whether you are a CEO, busy executive, business owner with ADHD or are juggling life and professional responsibilities, you’ll learn a lot about being an adult with ADHD in this conversation.

Kathleen Nadeau, PhD, is the Founder of the Chesapeake Center and the author of Still Distracted After All These Years: Help and Support for Older Adults with ADHD.

In this conversation, you’ll get a snapshot of what it’s like to be a busy adult with ADHD and get some great tips for thriving in both business and home life.

First, Dr. Nadeau discusses why she wrote this book.

While we see a lot out there in the world about children with ADHD, as you well know, ADHD impacts adults as well. Dr. Nadeau discusses how ADHD impacts almost every aspect of our lives, including sleep, work, distractions, overcommitting, and much more.

Dave and Dr. Nadeau discuss why one of the most impactful and basic ways you can thrive with adult ADHD is have the proper support and structure in place. Having a mindset of taking control while having the proper support can go a long way in reducing the chaos of ADHD.

Dr. Nadeau discusses the importance of having brain-healthy habits, including research into diets, and she talks about some of the basics of building an ADHD-friendly environment.

How do adults with ADHD develop a mindset of taking control?

Learn more about the Chesapeake Center and find Dr. Nadeau’s book here.



Still Distracted After All These Years-A Conversation with Kathleen Nadeau, PhD.