EP 52: Part 2-Myths About ADHD

This week Dave invited Jeff Copper from Dig Coaching back to continue the theme of ADHD myths. There are many myths about ADHD and Jeff and Dave tackle one that is always on the minds of many.

Myth- People with ADHD cannot focus.

This myth discussion is for both the general public and those with ADHD who feel they cannot focus.

While many with ADHD do have issues with attention, the fact that those with ADHD cannot focus is simply not true. Yes, some with ADHD do have challenges with focus but there are a few key elements when it comes to focus, attention and getting important matters taken care of.

Jeff explains that what we focus on depends on what we are interested in which is not unlike anyone. Whether an individual has ADHD or not, humans pay attention to things that they are interested in.

That goes for career and other interests.

Dave and Jeff talk about emotions, social media, getting in the right job and right career and they discuss positive self-talk. They also talk about how certain jobs and industries change with innovation and technology and how that can affect someone’s ability to focus.

Jeff also discusses way in which those with ADHD can increase their focus.

Find Jeff copper at: www.digcoaching.com

EP 51: A Discussion About Neurodiversity and Different Brains

This week, Dave sits down with Dr. Hackie Reitman, the founder of Different Brains. Different Brains is a tremendous resource for those who consider themselves neurodiverse and their families. And for that matter, anyone that wants to learn more about those of us with different brains. From ADHD, autism and so much more, the website covers a wide range of topics.

Hackie and Dave talk about what neurodiversity is as well as where Hackie got his passion for this stage of his life. Hackie talks about his daughter and her challenges early on and how this inspired him to bring more attention to the world of neurodiversity.

Dave and Hackie talk about how a different brain can add value to a business and how different perspectives can be gained by an organization that listens to those with different abilities. Is ADHD misunderstood by the public and the business world? Hackie and Dave discuss this as well.


Hackie talks about his book Aspertools which is a guide for those with Asperger syndrome and others on the autism spectrum. You can find that book here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0757318533/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_hsch_vapi_taft_p1_i0

Hackie also talks about how he got his movie made, The Square Root of 2 about his daughter’s experiences growing up. He talks about being a professional boxer, surgeon and so much more.

In all, this is a great discussion about those of us who have different brains.

Learn more about Hackie and find all the incredible resources he has developed with his team at: https://www.differentbrains.org/

EP 50: ADHD, Entrepreneurship and Sports

This week, Dave gets to sit down and chat with Max Fennell, a professional triathlete, entrepreneur and ADHD advocate. Max was also featured on the CBS show Million Dollar Mile, produced by LeBron James.

Max talks about growing up and how he found the world of triathlons and how a sports injury led him to this sport.

Max also discuses his tips for adults with ADHD and how he manages his ADHD including running and why he feels that is an important way to start the day.

Max and Dave also talk about the fact that many professional athletes have ADHD and that is the path in life they took.

Max gives the parents who may be raising a child with ADHD some hope and inspiration as he talks about making sure children and young adults who may be neurodiverse, the chance to find their way in life. Academics may not be for everyone and many with ADHD thrive in careers and business opportunities that they did not go to school for.

Learn more about Max at: https://www.maxfennell.co/

EP 49: Myths about ADHD-Part 1

This week we discuss some of the more popular myths about ADHD. And back to discuss this topic is Cameron Gott, an ADHD coach that works with adults, leaders and others in high-demand positions. Cam was on Overcoming Distractions in episode 39 when we discussed good brain management for those with ADHD.

There are countless myths about ADHD that you will find out there on the internet and beyond. Dave and Cam discuss some of these in a humorous and frustrating way to try and shed more light on the topic and understanding of ADHD.

Myths about adhd

Cam and Dave talk about the ultimate ADHD myth and that is the notion that ADHD is not real. With science behind the diagnosis of ADHD, there is more than enough proof that ADHD is a real thing. But listen to hear more about this myth.

Another very popular myth as that ADHD is just in kids. If you know anything about ADHD, it is best described as an unregulated amount of dopamine that enters the prefrontal cortex of the brain. While many may learn to cope, and become more self-aware, the fact is that you do not outgrow your ADHD.

Another topic that Dave and Cam chat about is the belief that people with ADHD are not successful. As you may know, Dave wrote Overcoming Distractions and interviewed many successful entrepreneurs with ADHD so those of us in the ADHD community know that there are many successful individuals that have made a great impact in business and in life.

How can we educate people about ADHD? Cam and Dave chat about the countless resources out there that both those with and without ADHD can tap into to find out more about the topic.

If you want to find out more about Cameron Gott and ADHD coaching, check out his website: https://www.camerongott.com/

EP 48: Thriving with ADHD as a busy entrepreneur-with Peter Shankman

This week, Dave chats with Peter Shankman, author of the book, Faster Than Normal. The book is about adult ADHD and how to use that gifted brain you were given at birth. Peter also hosts a very popular podcast by the same name.

Peter Shankman as you may know is a very successful entrepreneur and keynote speaker. Peter travels the county and the world and can be in New York one day, and across the globe the next day. And that’s what Dave and Peter discuss.

How to manage your ADHD and thrive with ADHD when you are a busy entrepreneur.

Peter talks about how he has created routines that help him with his very busy schedule. Whether he is in New York or another part of the world, Peter keeps a routine to make sure he stays on track and as productive as he can be. Peter talks about the importance of exercise and working out. And how he uses it to stay on track when he might cross several time zones.

Does Peter have a different routine for when he’s home and when he travels? He’ll answer that question as well as how manages his busy schedule in a different time zone.

Peter also talks about whether he uses pen and paper to keep track of everything or if he uses technology for projects, to-do lists and other tasks. He talks about some of his favorite aps he uses to stay productive and why he pretty much puts his life in the cloud.

And Peter gives some hope to those who may be raising a child or young adult with ADHD and that may be struggling. Many who have gone through hard times with ADHD come out very successful in business and Peter has a few words to say about staying positive.

Peter has been a tremendous advocate for how you can thrive with ADHD and how you can see the positive aspect of having ADHD. As long as you are managing it properly. Find out some of Peter’s top ADHD tips in this value-packed episode.

You can connect with Peter at: www.Shankman.com or www.Fasterthannormal.com

Ep 47: Why do we always feel too busy?

This week Dave sits down with Cena Block and they discuss why many of us always feel too busy. Cena is an ADHD coach, working with many professionals and entrepreneurs. Cena is also a certified organizer coach and productivity consultant.

Why do I always feel so busy? Cena talks with Dave about this important question.

Dave and Cena discuss why many of us feel like there are just not enough hours in the day to get what we need to get done. We always feel like there is just too much on our plate. Cena talks about the reasoning behind this and offers her thoughts on the way our busy world works today.

Cena talks about some of the reasons that contribute to our business including time management, cluttered mind and clutter spaces as well as our lack of systems in our business life.

Cena offers us some advice for when we are actually too busy and we have too many things on our plate. Sometimes we can feel busy but other times, we actually do have too many items on our to-do list. Cena sorts this out for us.

Cena also walks us through how to begin the process of managing how busy we are and how busy we feel and gives us some actional tips to think about.

You can find Cena here at her website: www.SaneSpaces.com

EP 46: Working memory and ADHD- What is it and how do we improve it?

This week we have Jeff Copper back from DIG Coaching to talk with us about working memory. Lost your car keys, forgot why you walked into a room or forgot to pack the right cloths for your trip? Your working memory is probably to blame.

Jeff explains what working memory is and how we need a good working memory to get things done during the course of our day. How working memory can affect our productivity and frustrate us when we do forget things are a major topic of discussion.

Jeff and Dave also have a little fun at our own expense. Forgetting things around the house such as walking into a room and not knowing why you are there is sometimes amusing. But also, in business, it can affect our business and the people around us if we don’t come up with solutions.

Jeff gives us real life scenarios and small examples of tests we could do to see how our working memory manages and he runs through actionable ways in which we can come up with solutions to the challenge of a lack of working memory.

Jeff also lays out a number of tools he and others use to keep track of daily tasks and large projects such as Evernote, Copy Talk and Live Scribe.

Find ADHD Coach Jeff Copper at these websites:





EP 45: Confidence- What is it and how do we achieve it?

The topic this week is about how to have more confidence in business and in your personal life. This week on Overcoming Distractions the podcast, Dave speaks with Alyssa Dver, founder of The American Confidence Institute.

Many who might have had a challenging upbringing (such as ADHD) have had their confidence eroded over time. Dave and Alyssa talk about why some people have lost their confidence or in many cases, never had enough confidence to chase their dreams or big goals.

Alyssa defines confidence and lets us know exactly what she feels leads to a professional having the confidence they need in business.

Other discussion points in this podcast include, the topic of what actually contributes to lack of confidence and what brain science has to do with confidence. They discuss what can do for us in a business setting and the steps someone needs to take to create more confidence in their lives.

Alyssa and Dave also chat about one of the age-old questions-Confidence VS> Arrogance. What is the difference and how do we spot it.

Alyssa and her team also offer confidence coaching and she explains how confidence coaching is different than other coaching such as a business coach or life coaching.

Alyssa also discusses imposter syndrome and how this is connected to confidence. Many men and women as well as people with ADHD experience imposter syndrome at one time or another in their lives and Alyssa talks about what this is and how to counter it.

Alyssa works with professionals from all walks of life. From business professionals, entrepreneurs, lawyers, academics and many others.

Learn more about Alyssa Dver and the American Confidence Institute at: http://www.americanconfidenceinstitute.com/

EP 44: How do we set and achieve the biggest goal of our life?

Grandmaster Chris Berlow is back on Overcoming Distractions to talk about how to set and achieve the biggest goals of your life.

In 2017 Chris climbed Kilimanjaro (19,341 feet) in Tanzania, in 2018 he went to Everest Base Camp (17,600) and climbed Kalapathar (18,508) in the Himalaya’s in Nepal, in 2019 Chris went to Ecuador and climbed Cotopaxi (19,347) which is one of the tallest active volcanos in the world.

Chris will tell us about how he prepared to do these climbs and he tells us what drives him to set and achieve big goals such as climbing.

He talks about some of the highlights of those climbs and what he did to prepare mentally for these climbs.

He answers the questions:

How do we get “out of our head”? 

How do we deal with frustration? 

How do we set and achieve the biggest goal of our life? 

Find Chris Berlow and Empowered Mastery: https://empoweredmastery.com/

EP 43: Time Management-How to Make the Most Out of Workshops

This week we have Dr. Sarah Reiff-Hekking back on Overcoming Distractions. And we’re talking about how to get the most out of going to or attending a time management workshop or seminar. Dr. Sarah runs True Focus Coaching just outside of Boston, MA. She coaches professionals on how to get a grip on their time and she also runs the Time Matters Boot Camp.

Dr. Sarah and Dave discuss how to make sure your walk away from a time management event with actionable goals and a plan to maximize your time and why you should consider taking the right time management workshop.

Dr. Sarah walks us through some of the indicators that may lead us to decide we need to get a handle on our time and if it actually makes sense for the entire team in your business to attend as well. How do we maximize our investment is such a program and how do we follow through on the tactics and processes we have learned?

Dr. Sarah also discusses how we can do our best to make time management not complicated and what to do when our week seem to blow up in our face.

We then chat about her Time Matters Boot Camp that she holds in the Boston area.

To learn more about Dr. Sarah Reiff-Hekking and her Time Matters Boot Camps, check out www.CreateFocusNow.com