EP 44: How do we set and achieve the biggest goal of our life?

Grandmaster Chris Berlow is back on Overcoming Distractions to talk about how to set and achieve the biggest goals of your life.

In 2017 Chris climbed Kilimanjaro (19,341 feet) in Tanzania, in 2018 he went to Everest Base Camp (17,600) and climbed Kalapathar (18,508) in the Himalaya’s in Nepal, in 2019 Chris went to Ecuador and climbed Cotopaxi (19,347) which is one of the tallest active volcanos in the world.

Chris will tell us about how he prepared to do these climbs and he tells us what drives him to set and achieve big goals such as climbing.

He talks about some of the highlights of those climbs and what he did to prepare mentally for these climbs.

He answers the questions:

How do we get “out of our head”? 

How do we deal with frustration? 

How do we set and achieve the biggest goal of our life? 

Find Chris Berlow and Empowered Mastery: https://empoweredmastery.com/

EP 43: Time Management-How to Make the Most Out of Workshops

This week we have Dr. Sarah Reiff-Hekking back on Overcoming Distractions. And we’re talking about how to get the most out of going to or attending a time management workshop or seminar. Dr. Sarah runs True Focus Coaching just outside of Boston, MA. She coaches professionals on how to get a grip on their time and she also runs the Time Matters Boot Camp.

Dr. Sarah and Dave discuss how to make sure your walk away from a time management event with actionable goals and a plan to maximize your time and why you should consider taking the right time management workshop.

Dr. Sarah walks us through some of the indicators that may lead us to decide we need to get a handle on our time and if it actually makes sense for the entire team in your business to attend as well. How do we maximize our investment is such a program and how do we follow through on the tactics and processes we have learned?

Dr. Sarah also discusses how we can do our best to make time management not complicated and what to do when our week seem to blow up in our face.

We then chat about her Time Matters Boot Camp that she holds in the Boston area.

To learn more about Dr. Sarah Reiff-Hekking and her Time Matters Boot Camps, check out www.CreateFocusNow.com

EP 42: Simple tips to get and stay organized when you have ADHD

On this episode of Overcoming Distractions, we chat with Cris Sgrott who will guide us on how to get and stay organized when you have ADHD. Cris is with Organizing Maniacs a firm that works with many people but has a specialty in working with individuals with ADHD.

Cris is becoming well-known in the ADHD world and helps her clients with many aspects of getting organized which include physical items as well as other things including time.

Whether you have ADHD or not, you will find some incredible value and some great tips on how to get organized.

Cris answers the following questions about organization and ADHD:

On the list of challenges those with ADHD face, how high on the list is disorganization?

Is there a root cause of someone being disorganized? Why are some people with ADHD disorganized?

Why is it so hard for some of us to get and stay organized? 

When has disorganization gone too far in someone’s life or business?

Organization comes with physical items as well as time. Cris and Dave chat about how time gets compromised when we are disorganized.

Dave and Cris talk solutions to getting organized. Where do we start? And how do we get organized without getting frustrated?

Do we try to get organized on our own or is it best to get help?

And Cris gives us her top tips for getting started in the office when it comes to being organized.

Learn more about Cris here: https://www.organizingmaniacs.com/

EP 41: Leadership and focus when you have ADHD

Overcoming Distractions was founded on the belief that people with ADHD can thrive and be successful, despite what you see and hear from others. Many entrepreneurs have ADHD and many with ADHD become entrepreneurs.

Many also enter leadership roles in other organizations and are responsible for not only the direction of a company but are charged with leading others. How does someone in leadership manage their ADHD and use it to their advantage?

This podcast we chat with David Rickabaugh of Leading With ADHD. David works with professionals and leaders that just happen to have ADHD and help them become better leaders as well as use their Superpowers of ADHD to become even more effective.

We discuss:

What superpowers can a leader with ADHD bring to an organization and what are the challenges associated with having ADHD in a leadership role. We chat about how to stay focused as a leader when you have employees and others under your direction.

We also discuss if it is difficult for someone to lay out their challenges honestly or if it comes naturally. Can someone with ADHD be true to themselves to work through challenges.

David walks us through how he helps leaders with ADHD create an “Owner’s Manual” so they can perform better as a leader and david gives us his top tips for fostering the superpowers of ADHD when you are in a business setting.

Find out more about David here: https://www.leadingwithadhd.com/

Ep 40: Why do those with ADHD make great entrepreneurs?

This week we are talking about ADHD and entrepreneurship, something that Overcoming Distractions was founded on. We chat with Rick Fiery of Inventive Labs based in Massachusetts.

Inventive labs is just that, a lab were those who think and learn just a little differently, can grow, thrive, learn and build their ideas. With a main focus on entrepreneurship, Inventive Labs also focuses on career advice, gap years and they host a pitch competition.

Rick and Dave discuss more about Inventive Labs and what the atmosphere and vibe there is like.

Rick chats about why he feels feel those with ADHD make great entrepreneurs and what separates someone with neurodiversity from others in the area of entrepreneurship?

Finding a career for many with ADHD can be a challenge so Rick discusses how Inventive Labs helps in that area and how the team atmosphere helps everyone thrive and drive their ideas forward.

He discusses how to bring ideas to the next level including writing a business plan and how to get funding for your new business idea.

And Dave asks Rick one of those powerful questions. How do you recommend someone with ADHD, etc.. “find themselves?”

Find out more about Inventive Labs here: https://www.inventivelabs.org/

What is good brain management when you have ADHD?

This week on Overcoming Distractions, we chat with Cameron Gott, an ADHD coach that works with those in business, entrepreneurs and other professionals.

We are going to talk about brain management and how to thrive with Adult ADHD, focusing on the total person, rather than just one type of technique.

While many might focus on time management techniques for those with ADHD, Cameron will discuss with us that the picture is much larger than that and if we focus on the individual, we will have a much better chance of managing our ADHD and actually thriving with it.

Cameron describes what good brain management is and the components of being self-aware.

He talks about why sleep so important to thriving with ADHD and how to achieve that goal.

Why is exercise part of good brain management? And what does it do for the brain.

He speaks to what impact proper brain management can have on an individual with ADHD.

And we discuss what other aspects of brain management are important and he gives us some quick tips for getting started with a program of good brain management. Such as.

Give credit to yourself for the good things.

Pay attention to yourself.

Collect data on yourself including good and negative traits.

And, start slow. Try one thing at a time such as exercise, meditation, etc…

You can find Cameron’s blog about good brain management for those with ADHD here: https://www.camerongott.com/blog/2019/8/14/first-things-first-good-brain-management

Check out Cameron’s new podcast here: www.TranslatingADHD.com

EP 38: How to combat shame when you are an adult with ADHD

ADHD and shame sometimes go together and for many, it’s a real struggle. This episode of Overcoming Distractions we chat with Dr. Sharon Saline a licensed clinical psychologist and one of the top experts on ADHD for both children and adults. She is also the author of the popular book on ADHD, What Your ADHD Child Wishes You Knew: Working Together to Empower Kids for Success in School and Life. 

David talks with Dr. Saline about the topic of shame and where it might stem from at an early age.

Dr. Saline defines shame as it relates to adult ADHD and explains where shame might come from. Hint, it might be some of those bad report cards…

Why shame is such a critical issue when trying to thrive with ADHD and why negative self-talk is not good for anyone with ADHD>

Dr. Saline talks about how shame can get in the way of thriving with adult ADHD and we talk about whether shame is in any way, related to imposter syndrome.

How do we begin the process of overcoming shame? Dr. Saline talks about how to begin that process.

And she gives us her top tips for someone who is experiencing shame in their life.

You can find Dr. Sharon Saline here and her book below. https://drsharonsaline.com/

Find her book here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/0143132393

EP 37: How to develop a proper mindset when you’re an adult with ADHD

In this episode, we dig a little deep into the mind and mindset of an adult with ADHD.

While we often discuss some of the basic techniques and habits to thrive with ADHD such as sleep, exercise, time management and others,  we are going to get into our minds a little bit in this episode.

Having a proper mindset is important in all aspects of a successful life but when it comes to managing and thriving with ADHD, it’s a critical part of the mix. Having the proper mindset allows you to make better decisions, not dwell on challenging situations you are placed in and it gives you the ability to see things in a different and more positive way.

Jeff tells us about his ADHD coaching practice and other activities around ADHD such as Attention Talk Radio.

Jeff defines mindset and he tells us why it’s an important part of thriving with adult ADHD.

We did into some examples of the wrong mindset with ADHD and how to think differently about challenging situations.

And we touch on how to start on a new path of mindset and self-awareness in order for an adult to thrive with ADHD.

We also chat about procrastination and the true reason why we do so, obstacle to a positive mindset and how to work with your ADHD brain.

If you need some new thoughts and inspiration to manage your ADHD, this is a great episode.

You can find Jeff at the websites below;





EP: 36 Making Relationships and Marriage Thrive with ADHD

In this episode we chat with Melissa Orlov, author of The ADHD Effect on Marriage and The Couple’s Guide to Thriving with ADHD. Melissa aside from being an author of books on ADHD, also hosts seminars and groups on how to navigate ADHD and relationships. She is the leading authority on this subject and her groups are very popular.

In this Podcast on ADHD and Marriage we cover:

  • We chat about the main reasons people come to her and her workshops?
  • Melissa takes time to discuss how her ADHD groups and seminars structured.
  • She details what she wants to achieve when working on a relationship with a couple.
  • Melissa says that one of the keys to success is that both people in a relationship need to have an understanding of ADHD.
  • We talk about relationships when it comes to entrepreneurship.
  • How can that busy entrepreneur or businessperson do their part in maintaining a healthy relationship?
  • Melissa’s top tips for maintaining a healthy relationship when ADHD is involved.

You can find Melissa Orlov at the website below, learn more about her books and sign up for her groups and seminars on ADHD.


EP 35: Coping with burnout, loss and major transition

This podcast we speak with Mary Ellen Wasielewski of BLT Strategies based just outside of Boston, MA. Mary Ellen and her team coach executives and others that are experiencing burnout in their career, have suffered a loss in their immediate family or they are in major transition in business or their personal life.

Mary Ellen talks with us about her personal story about how she got into this line of work and introduces us to BLT Strategies.

She talks about some of the common reasons her and the team are brought into a company or hired by an individual for coaching.

We discuss burnout and why many might experience this and not know it. How do we recognize burnout in ourselves?

We chat about the steps we need to take to overcome burnout.

We then talk about how the team works with a professional after a loss in the family and steps a busy professional needs to take to get back to work and productive after a death or major life event.

Mary Ellen has health and wellness professionals on her team and we discuss why this is so important to her goals and objectives with a client.

Mary Ellen talks about her top goals when working with a client.

You can fine out more about BLT Strategies and Mary Ellen here; https://www.bltstrategies.com/