ADHD Support System for Adults

As a child, I was a train wreck, as I detailed in my book Overcoming Distractions, Thriving with Adult ADHD. Bad grades in school, bad behavior, and no direction in life.

But I turned it around! I’ve owned and operated two small businesses, became the vice president of a highly recognized charity, and in 2005, opened a high-profile public relations firm working with CEO’s and other executives.

Oh, and I wrote two successful books.

I can help you turn things around as well. I am very familiar with the brains you and I have been born with and I’m confident, I can help you get out of your own way. Together, you and I can create a road map for a life you can be proud of.

Some people may call what I provide ADHD coaching, but whatever you want to call it, I want to be there to be your ADHD support system.

I get it, you’re focusing on 10 things at once. But with the proper support system by your side, we can change that.

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How I provide a support system for adults with ADHD

There are a number of ways I can support you as an adult with ADHD. There are no cookie cutter templates when you work with me. We start from scratch and build from there.

What can I help you with?

  • Reducing the overwhelm that comes with ADHD
  • Simplifying tasks and projects
  • Burnout-recovery and prevention
  •                 Don’t forget to check out my book Overcoming Burnout
  • Creating systems that actually work for you
  • Freedom from the never-ending crisis mode you live in
  • Clarity-work side by side with you to get clear on your wants and needs
  • Starting and activating projects that you have been thinking about FOREVER!
  • Setting boundaries-get good at saying NO and reduce people pleasing
  • Create personal values statements that will guide your life and your career
  • Get S&*T done!…
  • Support for self-employed and entrepreneurs with ADHD
  • Staying on track with an accountability buddy
  • Large projects-support, guidance, and regular progress

There are no long and arduous intake forms to fill out here. When you’re ready for an effective ADHD support system, we get right to work. Because guess what? You may never fill out that intake form. So we do it together.

Nothing should get in the way of you getting started on your quest to thrive with your adult ADHD.

So let’s get started!

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