Burnout Coaching

If you are looking for a burnout coach, I’m ready to help you through this trying time.

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I wrote the book on burnout recovery and prevention and you can check it out here. It’s called Overcoming Burnout and it offers you real-life and street-smart solutions to recover from burnout and prevent it from happening again.

But oftentimes, you need more, and you need proper individual support. That’s where I come in.

And while the common term is burnout coaching, I’d like to say that I offer more of a support system for people who are going through burnout.

**I am, however, not a therapist. And I want to make that perfectly clear. If you need a therapist, get one. My role is to help you through the mechanics of burnout recovery.

If you are feeling physically and mentally exhausted, you’ve become cynical about your life and career, you’ve stopped doing the things you love or you’ve just checked out and you’re ready for a change, you are probably heading towards burnout or already there. And you can’t let it run your life for another day.

So often, busy professionals or high achievers lose control of their health and wellbeing. I know because I was one of them. I let my career and the demands of others dictate how I was going to live. That was wrong and I know better now. I know what you’re going through, and we can fix this together.

There are many other reasons people experience burnout. Stress in our personal lives enters our professional and business settings. Some people get bored of their careers or are tired of the constant changes in their industry. Maybe you have no passion for your work or cannot find purpose in the work you are doing. Maybe you just had enough and need a big change in your life.

I can help you recover from burnout!

I will work closely with you to create a road map to recover from burnout and help you create habits that will help you prevent burnout in the future.

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What can you achieve through burnout coaching and support?

In order for burnout coaching to be successful and for you to recover from burnout, there needs to be one critical understanding. Those of us who burnout, are cofounders in our burnout experience. Meaning, we currently have habits that have contributed to our burnout, and we need to change those. You are in charge of your life, your career, and ultimately your decisions. But when burnout sets in, we’ve let someone else take control. That needs to change!

So what will you work on during burnout coaching?

  • You will work on changing your habits.
  • Work on understanding that your career is not your identity.
  • Create a list of boundaries for your current situation.
  • Learn how to say NO and minimize people pleasing
  • Make sure your personal values are aligned with those of your career, job or workplace.
  • Build your confidence to have impactful discussions with others.
  • Make self-care a priority.
  • Understand how time management can contribute to burnout.
  • Develop an understanding of where you can make significant changes and where you need to cut your losses.
  • Develop a plan to burn the boats. Is it time for a drastic change?
  • ADHD and burnout. If you have both, you’re also in the right place.

You may need a burnout coach if you experience the following

  • Stopped participating in activities that you love and that make you happy
  • No matter how much you sleep, it’s never enough
  • Ruminating at all hours of the night
  • Mentally exhausted to the point of delayed cognitive functions
  • You feel like you’re working all the time
  • You feel resentment towards others
  • Health issues such as digestive problems and headaches that no doctor can explain
  • You are cynical and often in a bad mood
  • Panic attacks and increased anxiety
  • You don’t like who you’ve become
  • You bring your laptop and other work on vacation
  • You respond to clients and colleagues at all hours of the night and on weekends
  • Not motivated, uninspired and you have no energy to do more than the bare minimum

Sound familiar?

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