One thing that pretty much everyone with ADHD experiences is the concept of “out of sight out of mind.”

That can be everything from your calendar, to do list, shopping list, backpack or laptop bag to bring to work, car keys and the list goes on.

So in this episode of Overcoming Distractions Dave sits down with Star Hansen AKA the Clutter Whisperer to talk about how we can reduce out of sight, out of mind in our personal and professional lives.

Star first addresses the idea that for many adults with ADHD there is anxiety with clutter. But she also makes sure to tell listeners that out of sight and out of mind is not a problem exclusively to those of us with ADHD. Everyone experiences this.

Star also discusses some of the common scenarios that many of us with ADHD can relate to in both our work setting and in home. We’re sure you can relate to some of these.

Star and Dave discuss the following ideas that can help reduce out of sight out of mind in the workplace and at home.

Star says to acknowledge habits that contribute to this.

Start somewhere because better than nothing is progress.

Less is more so reduce items within a particular space.

Establish locations for important items.

Embrace the truth.

Try and fail and try again!

Establish boundaries to mitigate walking into a room and forgetting why you were there. Yes this can contribute to out of sight out of mind.

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Reducing “out of sight, out of mind” when you have adult ADHD