Overcoming Distractions focuses a lot of attention and resources on helping busy professionals like you thrive in the workplace with adult ADHD. This week we have a general discussion about how to navigate the workplace and thrive, grow and feel less stressed.

Dave has a discussion with Jess Meredith, founder of Differing Minds based in the UK. Differing Minds consults with organizations of all types to give them a better understanding diversity and give leadership the tools to help their workforce.

Jess and Dave talk about some of the basic reasons why some of us adults with ADHD have challenges navigating the workplace and how those spill into our home and personal life. We have challenges with our workload, systems, routines creating effective to do lists as well as scheduling projects and tasks appropriately. That tax is our executive functions, and it can make us tired at the end of the day.

Jess talks about some of the common challenges that many adults with ADHD have in the workplace in how to begin the process of advocating for yourself without disclosing your ADHD.

Jess says that advocating for yourself requires us to understand our ADHD, work with a coach or mentor as well as doing your own research to understand ADHD better. She said it is also very helpful to document and journal our challenges with ADHD as well as strategies that work in our favor.

Dave and Jess talk about the must haves for thriving in the workplace. She says understanding your sensory profile and sensory processing can help you understand your needs. For many with ADHD movement helps us manage our ADHD. Working for a short period of time and then getting up and walking around for a minute.

She also says that noise-cancelling headphones can be a tremendous help in maintaining focus and minimizing distractions.

And finding an accountability buddy that can help you stay on track can be very beneficial to thriving in the workplace.

Learn more about Differing Minds here: https://www.differingminds.co.uk/

These are the must haves for thriving in the workplace with adult ADHD