How to manage the fear of goal setting with adult ADHD

Many individuals with ADHD here the term goal setting and they want to run the other way. Does this sound like you?

Many times our perception of goal setting can introduce overwhelming thoughts. We think of massive goals such as running a marathon or losing 50 lbs.

But goals are not always big ideas. They can be small achievements we want to make.

Dave’s guest on this episode is Dr. Fiona Peters an expert in ADHD in the workplace, a researcher, speaker and authority on this topic of goal setting and Adult ADHD.

Dave and Fiona talk about why adults with ADHD typically have challenges with goal setting, including short-term and long-term goals.

Fiona discusses with Dave why many adults with ADHD can get stuck when it comes to setting goals and some of those obstacles that continue to get in our way.

Fiona also discusses some of the more particular issues regarding goal setting and ADHD including how our executive functions play a role, our habits and routines, perfectionism, perceived rejection and defeating obstacles.

As always, we have some actionable items at the end of this podcast for everyone to be thinking about if they have been struggling with setting long or short term goals.

If you’re looking to achieve certain things in business and in life and want to learn some smart ways to set goals with your ADHD brain, this is a great episode to listen to.

Find Dr. Fiona Peters here.

Practicing self kindness as an adult with ADHD

Adults with ADHD need to practice more kindness to ourselves and be intentional about self compassion.

But how do we do it?

This podcast episode is dedicated to helping busy adults with ADHD fine ways to be more kind to ourselves and help us understand the science of self compassion.

Tara Cousineau PhD is the author of the book the Kindness Cure, a meditation teacher and perfectionism coach.

Tara first discusses why she wrote the book, the Kindness Cure, what prompted her and what she wanted to accomplish by having people read about kindness.

She discusses with Dave how self compassion can directly affect our executive functions and how stress can deactivate our compassion network.

She discusses the overall lessons of kindness that we need to implement in our lives and why it is so critical, especially for adults with ADHD.

Dave and Tara discussed the physical challenges that can result from a lack of self compassion and stress.

And Tara discusses kindness in practice with some questions we can all ask ourselves at any time of the day to put a more positive aspect on our lives.

You can find Tara Cousineau here at her website.

Exploring and understanding different support systems for adults with ADHD

There are many ways that professional adults with ADHD can get the support they need to thrive in business and in life. In this episode of overcoming distractions, we go through some of the more popular methods for busy adults juggling life, family and business.

Back on the podcast is Jeff Copper from Dig Coaching.

Jeff and Dave discuss many ways adults can receive support through coaching and mentorship depending on their challenges and goals. They talk about some of the more effective ways of supporting busy adults with ADHD.

Jeff discusses some of the more effective methods that adults with ADHD can take advantage of and how utilizing those techniques can support various breakthroughs. That includes various types of ADHD coaching and mentorship provided by professionals.

Jeff Copper talks about a new methodology he is rolling out to help busy adults with ADHD obtain those desired outcomes and he walks us through how that works. He talks about how this might be different than more popular support systems for adults with ADHD and gives us a little bit of insight into how this helps people through their ADHD journey.

And as always, Jeff and Dave give a few quick tips for busy professionals with ADHD to implement in our daily lives and begin to work on ourselves.

You can find Jeff Copper and Dig Coaching here.


How occupational therapy helps adults thrive with ADHD

If you are a professional adult with ADHD, have you ever considered the services of an occupational therapist?

In this episode, we discuss why adults with ADHD may want to consider occupational therapy.

Jamie Cutino is an Occupational Therapist / 2x TEDx Speaker and an ADHD Advocate and she joins Dave to discuss various aspects of benefiting from occupational therapy.

Jamie gives a general overview of occupational therapy and how occupational therapists generally work with clients.

She talks about how we can recognize the need for occupational services.

Jamie discusses that many times adults with ADHD working with occupational therapist to manage sensory needs including overstimulation.

She also gives us an overview of the vestibular system of our body and gives us an understanding of why ADHD can affect this.

She talks about everything from a foot hammock under your desk to understanding that an occupational therapist can also help you set up your working environment for success.

Here are some ways to find Jamie including her Ted Talks.


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Success Is Not Fitting Into Your Skinny Jeans | Jamie Cutino | TEDxManitouSprings

How a weighted pillow can help calm adults with ADHD

Most of us have heard of or purchased a weighted blanket but have you ever heard of a weighted pillow? Mikey Goldman is the founder of Quiet Mind and he’s the inventor of the first of its kind weighted pillow.

And he is a successful entrepreneur with ADHD.

Dave talks to Mikey about a number of things that relate to adults with ADHD and feeling calm.

First, Mikey talks about growing up with ADHD including the successes and challenges he encountered. And he talks about some of the challenges as he entered adulthood.

As an entrepreneur with ADHD, he first started out in other careers and he talks about how he navigated those careers with ADHD.

Mikey talks about the quiet mind weighted pillow, why he invented it and why he believes that it can be beneficial for anyone with ADHD.

He talks about the science behind the weighted pillow and the calming effect that not only the pillow has but in hugging.

And Mikey discusses the must haves that he needs to have in place as a busy adult with ADHD. The most important thing he discusses is the power of having routines in his life.

Check out this great discussion not only with an entrepreneur with ADHD but an inventor of a very beneficial product for anyone with ADHD.

Find the weighted pillow here:

Adult ADHD and Executive Functions 101

If you haven’t figured it out yet, executive functions pretty much rule our life. From remembering to brush our teeth, working memory, planning our day, switching from one thing to the next, understanding time etc.

If those of us with ADHD do not understand and get a handle on improving our executive functions, it makes it challenging to get through work, home environment and everything in between.

This episode is dedicated to understanding Executive Functions 101.

Dave’s guest has been here before- Lara Honos-Webb….Clinical psychologist and author as well as Cofounder of Bonding Health which is an app that helps children with ADHD. She is the author of Brain Hacks: Life-changing Strategies to Improve Executive Functioning and her new book 6 Super Skills for Executive Functioning.

Dr, Lara gives listeners an overview of what our executive functions are. Attention and focus, planning and organization, emotional regulations, controlling impulses…

She talks about why those of us especially with ADHD rely so heavily on executive functions to get through the day.

Dave and Dr. Lara also discuss some examples many can relate to of how poor executive functions can hinder us as busy adults with ADHD.

And Dr. Lara gives everyone some advice on some of the most effective ways to improve our executive functions.

If you’re really challenged with executive functions and getting projects and tasks completed, she recommends finding ways to make it more interesting, implement fun and of course ask for help.

Find Dr. Lara Honos-Webb here.

Unlocking your career path as an adult with ADHD

If you are an adult with ADHD looking for career advice, this is a great episode of Overcoming Distractions. Whether you need to change careers or jobs or just need some adjustments in your current workplace, Shell Mendelson will give you some advice.

Shell Mendelson is a career coach for adults with ADHD and the author of the new book Unlock Your Career Path: A Course for ADHD Adults and Teens.

Shell and Dave discuss her recent book and start out by talking about how ADHD can impact our careers including some examples listeners can relate to. One area some adults with ADHD can relate to is when placed on a performance improvement plan at work, which, as Shell puts it, can be a soul-crushing situation.

When forging a new career, Shell talks about how many childhood experiences, including things we like and hobbies, could be an indicator as to our career direction.

Shell also discusses why she’s often used the word preferred in her book. She says it is important to understand preferences and must-haves when analyzing your career. Those include:

  • Working conditions
  • Knowledge
  • Geography
  • Accommodations
  • money

And Shell and Dave wrap up by talking about some of those must haves that adults with ADHD need to consider in their career path. They include clarity, learning more about yourself, owning your career path, building confidence and being ready.

Find Shell and her new book here:


Confidence 101 for Adults with ADHD

In this episode, we are talking about confidence for adults with ADHD or for that matter confidence building for anyone.

Back on the podcast is Alyssa Dver, founder of the American Confidence Institute. Alyssa is one of the leading authorities on the subject of confidence out there today.

Confidence is something that allows adults with ADHD to thrive. Many of us struggle with self-doubt which sometimes gets in the way of being our best selves, especially in our career or the workplace.

When we have confidence, then we can earn the trust of others in the workplace, leadership, clients, and others. And it’s just an awesome feeling when we can walk into work and be confident.

Alyssa starts out by defining confidence in the simplest terms we can all understand.

She talks about how lacking confidence can affect us in the workplace and our personal lives.

Alyssa discusses with Dave about people who have come up with a breakthrough in building confidence and some of the things they say in how it affected their lives.

Dave and Alyssa discussed the barriers to confidence not only in the workplace but in our home environments and some of the challenges we face daily that are disguised as a lack of confidence including some red flags.

And Alyssa gives a listeners a simple blueprint for starting your journey of building more confidence.

Learn more about the American Confidence Institute and Alyssa Dver here.

Managing Distractions with Willpower as an Adult with ADHD

In this episode we are talking about managing distractions with the help of willpower.

While many adults with ADHD may be put off by the concept of willpower, building that willpower muscle can be an effective strategy for thriving with adult ADHD.

GiovanniBack on the podcast is Giovanni Dienstmann, a sought-after meditation teacher and author of the books Practical Meditation, Mindful Self-Discipline, and ..Wise Confidence.

Giovanni and Dave discuss the following on this episode of Overcoming Distractions.

  • Giovanni provides a well thought out definition of willpower and how it affects our lives.
  • He discusses why willpower must be a daily habit in how we build upon it much like building muscle.
  • Dave and Giovanni discuss why distractions are another form of seeking energy.
  • How decision fatigue and willpower are connected and how increasing willpower can reduce decision fatigue.

Giovanni goes through a simple framework for improving willpower in our ADHD lives. That includes working on our environment and working on ourselves. That includes both mental and physical environment. Working environment adjustments can include minimizing any electronic notifications such as your phone. Use website blockers if necessary and declutter your environment.

And Giovanni discusses a process for slowing down and building effective intentions to help build thou willpower.

You can find Giovanni’s books and his app here.