In this episode, we are talking about confidence for adults with ADHD or for that matter confidence building for anyone.

Back on the podcast is Alyssa Dver, founder of the American Confidence Institute. Alyssa is one of the leading authorities on the subject of confidence out there today.

Confidence is something that allows adults with ADHD to thrive. Many of us struggle with self-doubt which sometimes gets in the way of being our best selves, especially in our career or the workplace.

When we have confidence, then we can earn the trust of others in the workplace, leadership, clients, and others. And it’s just an awesome feeling when we can walk into work and be confident.

Alyssa starts out by defining confidence in the simplest terms we can all understand.

She talks about how lacking confidence can affect us in the workplace and our personal lives.

Alyssa discusses with Dave about people who have come up with a breakthrough in building confidence and some of the things they say in how it affected their lives.

Dave and Alyssa discussed the barriers to confidence not only in the workplace but in our home environments and some of the challenges we face daily that are disguised as a lack of confidence including some red flags.

And Alyssa gives a listeners a simple blueprint for starting your journey of building more confidence.

Learn more about the American Confidence Institute and Alyssa Dver here.

Confidence 101 for Adults with ADHD