This week Dave has back Diann Wingert, therapist turned coach.

Diann discusses the concept of the four tendencies, a philosophy by author Gretchen Rubin. Dave and Diann discuss how adults with ADHD can relate to these four tendencies and how you might find yourself in one or more of these.

Diann points out that this is not a personality assessment, it is more of a way to understand the characteristics of ourselves and others. And by doing so, we learn more about ourselves and how to work better with other people, especially in the workplace.

The four tendencies are:

The upholders.

The questioners.



Diann goes through the basic characteristics of each one of these tendencies.

Dave and Diann discuss how adults with ADHD can fall into these categories and how we can see ourselves in both our personal and professional lives.

Diann and Dave also discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each tendency.

This is part one of a two-part podcast series about how adults with ADHD can relate to the four tendencies.

Check out Diann Wingert’s Four Tendencies guide here.

Relating to the Four Tendencies as an adult with ADHD