This is Part 2 of Dave’s conversation with coach Diann Wingert about how adults with ADHD can understand the Four Tendencies, authored by Gretchen Rubin.

Diann makes it clear, as she did in part one of this discussion, that understanding the four tendencies, whether in ourselves or others, is all about expectations.

She also discusses with Dave the importance of understanding “it depends.” Every adult with ADHD has different wants and needs and their particular life and career circumstances. That’s why when understanding someone’s tendency, we also need to preface it by “it depends.”

Dave and Diann also discussed understanding your tendency and possibly the tendency of others you may be working with including direct supervision, that this can guide you to the right career or job.

And in the case of adults with ADHD who have gone on to work for themselves and explored entrepreneurship, many understand these tendencies and it has enabled them to choose who they work with including the type of clients they serve.

Diann tells listeners that if you want to understand how to work with different tendencies and personalities, you need to understand that it’s not about you in their behaviors. People may behave a certain way but it’s a result of their tendencies.

Check out Diann Wingert’s Four Tendencies guide here.

Part 2-Relating to the Four Tendencies as an adult with ADHD