In this episode we are talking about managing distractions with the help of willpower.

While many adults with ADHD may be put off by the concept of willpower, building that willpower muscle can be an effective strategy for thriving with adult ADHD.

GiovanniBack on the podcast is Giovanni Dienstmann, a sought-after meditation teacher and author of the books Practical Meditation, Mindful Self-Discipline, and ..Wise Confidence.

Giovanni and Dave discuss the following on this episode of Overcoming Distractions.

  • Giovanni provides a well thought out definition of willpower and how it affects our lives.
  • He discusses why willpower must be a daily habit in how we build upon it much like building muscle.
  • Dave and Giovanni discuss why distractions are another form of seeking energy.
  • How decision fatigue and willpower are connected and how increasing willpower can reduce decision fatigue.

Giovanni goes through a simple framework for improving willpower in our ADHD lives. That includes working on our environment and working on ourselves. That includes both mental and physical environment. Working environment adjustments can include minimizing any electronic notifications such as your phone. Use website blockers if necessary and declutter your environment.

And Giovanni discusses a process for slowing down and building effective intentions to help build thou willpower.

You can find Giovanni’s books and his app here.


Managing Distractions with Willpower as an Adult with ADHD