Overcoming Burnout-Real-life Strategies for Burnout Recovery and Prevention

If you are feeling physically and mentally exhausted or are not inspired to get out of bed and go to work anymore, you may be experiencing burnout. If you have overworked yourself, had poor time management skills, and committed to, way too many activities in your life or at your job, you may be burned out. Or maybe you just don’t like your chosen career anymore. There are many reasons why people burn out.

Dave wrote Overcoming Burnout because he had experienced burnout more than once in his career. He was eager to find out more about why people burn out and come up with street smart solutions to help people recover. So he sought out the advice of many business professionals that have burned out in their career. Their stories of burnout are told in this book but more importantly, the solutions they implemented in their life to live free from burnout.

What will you learn when reading Overcoming Burnout?

  • You’ll understand why boundaries are critical to living a life free from burnout.
  • Why aligning your values with your career is vital.
  • Why people pleasing and saying yes leads to burnout.
  • Why poor time management is responsible for many people burning out.
  • Why switching jobs may not be enough to recover from burnout.
  • Life gets much better after burnout.
  • Why mindfulness is a must-have when dealing with burnout.
  • How to put yourself first!
  • Real-life strategies from people who have gone through burnout.

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