There’s a clear connection between our ability to think and how we plan and when we have ADHD, it helps to understand that connection.

Because many with adult ADHD have challenges thinking effectively when we need it, planning can suffer. But fear not, we have some answers in this episode of overcoming distractions.

Back on the podcast is Jeff Copper from DIG Coaching.

Jeff Copper ADHD CoachJeff and Dave discussed the concept of ADHD and thinking and why times arise when we cannot think clearly or think methodically. Because of this, it affects our ability to plan whether in the workplace or at home.

Jeff says that when we have ADHD we need to have a collection of mine tools that help us through these processes. Those need to help remove discomfort when it comes to thinking and planning.

Jeff also discusses why we need to externalize thinking when we are an adult with ADHD.

Dave and Jeff also discussed the importance of mind, body, sleep and eating habits as they are part of the core to thriving with adult ADHD.

Jeff also walks us through some of the core practices adults with ADHD can implement in their daily lives to make thinking clear and as a result planning easier and more productive.

Find ADHD and Attention Coach Jeff Copper at his website.

ADHD and the connection between thinking and planning