This episode is Part 2 of how ADHD is showing up in our lives.

This week we discuss how ADHD shows up in the workplace, our jobs and our careers. Dave is joined again by Dr. Fiona Peters a leading expert in neurodiversity from the UK. Dr. Fiona is back for round 2 with an awesome and engaging discussion.

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First Dave and Fiona discussed the love and loathe list that you were asked to work on the previous episode. They discuss how making the love and the loathe list can help us navigate both our personal lives and our career.

Dr. Fiona talks about in the workplace many of us have challenges with executing tasks and projects as well as time. Some of us go as far as to loathe these parts of our job.

She talks about how we have a conflict sometimes between good versus bad as well as the skills that are required to work in our career.

She also discusses how rejection sensitivity disorder and impostor syndrome can be hard to dislodge when we are in a career that we may not be enjoying. She discusses how when we have these situations we get into resentment and emotional dysregulation.

Dr Fiona Talks about how we can bring some calm into the workplace by working through box breathing, always pause when asked to do certain things that require us to think and even tell people that you will get back to them without making a decision on the fly.

Dave and Fiona discuss how we need to have an inventory of our capacity and as we have discussed before how to test the word no in the workplace. Without of course being reprimanded or fired.

Ways ADHD “shows up” in the workplace and career