One challenge that many people struggle with regardless of whether they have ADHD or not, is clutter. However adults with ADHD do find it difficult to create the systems necessary to reduce clutter and stick with those systems.

Dave speaks with Star Hansen better known as the Clutter Whisperer about the basics of reducing clutter in our lives.  Star is a certified professional organizer, a TEDx speaker and has a specialty in working with individuals with ADHD.

Star begins discussing with Dave the reasons why many of us do not want to put items in their proper place. She says one of those reasons is that it’s just not fun for us.

Star and Dave talk about why clutter comes down to having proper systems, overcoming procrastination and many other reasons for accumulating clutter.

They also discuss why having clutter in your line of sight can affect your mood and your productivity and the reasons why.

In the podcast, Star suggests never planning and doing at the same time. Meaning, if you’re planning to reduce clutter and create systems, the next phase should be executing on that plan at a different time.

Star also advises if you’re having challenges getting started, body doubling is a great way to get the process started of reducing your clutter.

Dave and Star also discussed digital disorganization such as lack of systems and appropriate computer files for work and home.

Start getting organized? Connect with Star on her website here.

The basics of reducing clutter for adults with ADHD