So you are an adult with ADHD. Or maybe you do not have an official ADHD diagnosis but suspect you may have ADHD.

While there are many signs of ADHD such as distractions, lack of focus, difficulty with routines and systems and time management, there are also signs of ADHD that we may not initially recognize.

In this episode of Overcoming Distractions, Dave discusses some of the ways ADHD shows up in our personal lives with Dr Fiona Peters, a UK-based leading expert in neurodiversity.

While there may be days where we are late for work, have a rough morning and the occasional lost car keys, Dr Fiona discusses some other aspects of adult ADHD for us to pay attention to.

Some of those include tension in the household, an imbalanced relationship between partners as well as getting in the last word in discussions and arguments.

Of course we may have challenges paying our bills and cleaning the house and Dr Fiona discusses some of these as well.

This is part one of a two-part discussion about how ADHD shows up in our lives.

Learn more about the work of Dr Fiona Peters here:

How does ADHD show up at home and in our personal lives?