If you are an adult with ADHD looking for career advice, this is a great episode of Overcoming Distractions. Whether you need to change careers or jobs or just need some adjustments in your current workplace, Shell Mendelson will give you some advice.

Shell Mendelson is a career coach for adults with ADHD and the author of the new book Unlock Your Career Path: A Course for ADHD Adults and Teens.

Shell and Dave discuss her recent book and start out by talking about how ADHD can impact our careers including some examples listeners can relate to. One area some adults with ADHD can relate to is when placed on a performance improvement plan at work, which, as Shell puts it, can be a soul-crushing situation.

When forging a new career, Shell talks about how many childhood experiences, including things we like and hobbies, could be an indicator as to our career direction.

Shell also discusses why she’s often used the word preferred in her book. She says it is important to understand preferences and must-haves when analyzing your career. Those include:

  • Working conditions
  • Knowledge
  • Geography
  • Accommodations
  • money

And Shell and Dave wrap up by talking about some of those must haves that adults with ADHD need to consider in their career path. They include clarity, learning more about yourself, owning your career path, building confidence and being ready.

Find Shell and her new book here: www.careercoachingwithshell.com


Unlocking your career path as an adult with ADHD