If you haven’t figured it out yet, executive functions pretty much rule our life. From remembering to brush our teeth, working memory, planning our day, switching from one thing to the next, understanding time etc.

If those of us with ADHD do not understand and get a handle on improving our executive functions, it makes it challenging to get through work, home environment and everything in between.

This episode is dedicated to understanding Executive Functions 101.

Dave’s guest has been here before- Lara Honos-Webb….Clinical psychologist and author as well as Cofounder of Bonding Health which is an app that helps children with ADHD. She is the author of Brain Hacks: Life-changing Strategies to Improve Executive Functioning and her new book 6 Super Skills for Executive Functioning.

Dr, Lara gives listeners an overview of what our executive functions are. Attention and focus, planning and organization, emotional regulations, controlling impulses…

She talks about why those of us especially with ADHD rely so heavily on executive functions to get through the day.

Dave and Dr. Lara also discuss some examples many can relate to of how poor executive functions can hinder us as busy adults with ADHD.

And Dr. Lara gives everyone some advice on some of the most effective ways to improve our executive functions.

If you’re really challenged with executive functions and getting projects and tasks completed, she recommends finding ways to make it more interesting, implement fun and of course ask for help.

Find Dr. Lara Honos-Webb here. https://www.addisagift.com/

Adult ADHD and Executive Functions 101