Understanding the overall concept of emotional intelligence and how it affects our lives with ADHD is critically important when it comes to navigating professional and personal life and thriving with adult ADHD.

This week on Overcoming Distractions, Dave has a discussion with Dr David Sitt, the author of ADHD Refocused-Bringing Clarity to the Chaos.

Dr Sitt first discusses his book and explains why the word “clarity” is in the subtitle. It is one of the keywords that drives how we thrive with adult ADHD. He explains that for many of us with ADHD, we wake up with the lights off and we must regain clarity on a regular basis.

Dr Sitt defines emotional intelligence and how it relates to adults with ADHD.

He discusses self-awareness, and self-management, including how to regulate, problem-solving, social awareness, relationship management, and dealing with conflict.

Dr. David SittDr Sitt And Dave discuss how “reading the room” is incredibly important, specifically in the workplace.

Dr. Sitt also discusses how many adults with ADHD have a low frustration tolerance and talks about how rejection is part of emotional intelligence.

Dr. Sitt discusses many steps to get started on the process of evaluating your emotional intelligence. He says self-awareness is a great first step and a great way to achieve that is through mindfulness and meditation.

He also talks about the power of journaling about your social world and how that can improve your emotional intelligence.

He offers many other powerful tips to get started on the process of improving emotional intelligence.

Learn more about Dr. Sitt and grab his book on his website.


How emotional intelligence helps us thrive with adult ADHD