One of the things that makes a career a better journey is when we have purpose, and we feel like we belong. Belonging is human and it’s something we all crave.

On this episode of Overcoming Distractions, we talk about belonging in the workplace and why it is so mission critical for all of us. Especially those with adult ADHD.

Aga Bajer is a culture strategist and works with organizations to help a cultures evolve for the better. She works with leaders and teams across the globe to help improve culture.

Aga is the founder of Culture Brained which is a community dedicated creating cultures that are synonymous with fun, meaning and belonging.

Aga starts telling us about Culture Brained and the organization’s important work.

Dave talks with Aga about some of the bigger factors involved in people not feeling like they belong in any type of working Environment.

Aga also discusses with Dave what happens to both the individual and the organization when the feeling of belonging is lost. That includes stress and in the long term feeling burned out for individuals.

Aga talks with Dave about how an individual knows that they do truly belong in an environment such as a workplace and what those key indicators that give them comfort.

They also discuss what should someone looking to make a job or career change look for and how to go about that if belonging is important.

How do we show up in a workplace that can make a difference? Aga answers this as well.

Learn more about Culture Brained and Aga’s important work here.

The importance of belonging in the workplace with ADHD