Many individuals with ADHD here the term goal setting and they want to run the other way. Does this sound like you?

Many times our perception of goal setting can introduce overwhelming thoughts. We think of massive goals such as running a marathon or losing 50 lbs.

But goals are not always big ideas. They can be small achievements we want to make.

Dave’s guest on this episode is Dr. Fiona Peters an expert in ADHD in the workplace, a researcher, speaker and authority on this topic of goal setting and Adult ADHD.

Dave and Fiona talk about why adults with ADHD typically have challenges with goal setting, including short-term and long-term goals.

Fiona discusses with Dave why many adults with ADHD can get stuck when it comes to setting goals and some of those obstacles that continue to get in our way.

Fiona also discusses some of the more particular issues regarding goal setting and ADHD including how our executive functions play a role, our habits and routines, perfectionism, perceived rejection and defeating obstacles.

As always, we have some actionable items at the end of this podcast for everyone to be thinking about if they have been struggling with setting long or short term goals.

If you’re looking to achieve certain things in business and in life and want to learn some smart ways to set goals with your ADHD brain, this is a great episode to listen to.

Find Dr. Fiona Peters here.

How to manage the fear of goal setting with adult ADHD