This episode is dedicated to all you moms out there with ADHD.

But guys, don’t hit the stop button because we know you’re going to learn something too from this discussion.

Today we have Anna Burns with Anna Burns Wellness and she works with ADHD moms.

Anna discusses with Dave what it’s like to be in ADHD mom, some of the specific challenges of mothers with ADHD and how ADHD moms out there can make life less stressful and a little more organized.

Anna starts out by describing a day in the life of an ADHD mom. You might relate to some of this!

Anna also talks to Dave about some of the more common challenges a mother with ADHD would face that many of you listening can relate to.

She talks about why it could be common from many women after having children to discover they have ADHD.

How do we organize as a mom with ADHD? Anna discusses the core parts and systems women should focus on.

She also discusses with Dave how to implement more emotional intelligence as a mom with ADHD. Because many people, men and women can have challenges with emotions in different situations.

Anna also walks us through how moms with ADHD can build routines with kids running around the house, extracurricular activities and other responsibilities.

What can be a game changer for women with ADHD? Anna talks about this as well.

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Moms with ADHD, this podcast is for you. And guys, you can listen too!