Adults with ADHD need to practice more kindness to ourselves and be intentional about self compassion.

But how do we do it?

This podcast episode is dedicated to helping busy adults with ADHD fine ways to be more kind to ourselves and help us understand the science of self compassion.

Tara Cousineau PhD is the author of the book the Kindness Cure, a meditation teacher and perfectionism coach.

Tara first discusses why she wrote the book, the Kindness Cure, what prompted her and what she wanted to accomplish by having people read about kindness.

She discusses with Dave how self compassion can directly affect our executive functions and how stress can deactivate our compassion network.

She discusses the overall lessons of kindness that we need to implement in our lives and why it is so critical, especially for adults with ADHD.

Dave and Tara discussed the physical challenges that can result from a lack of self compassion and stress.

And Tara discusses kindness in practice with some questions we can all ask ourselves at any time of the day to put a more positive aspect on our lives.

You can find Tara Cousineau here at her website.

Practicing self kindness as an adult with ADHD