There are many ways that professional adults with ADHD can get the support they need to thrive in business and in life. In this episode of overcoming distractions, we go through some of the more popular methods for busy adults juggling life, family and business.

Back on the podcast is Jeff Copper from Dig Coaching.

Jeff and Dave discuss many ways adults can receive support through coaching and mentorship depending on their challenges and goals. They talk about some of the more effective ways of supporting busy adults with ADHD.

Jeff discusses some of the more effective methods that adults with ADHD can take advantage of and how utilizing those techniques can support various breakthroughs. That includes various types of ADHD coaching and mentorship provided by professionals.

Jeff Copper talks about a new methodology he is rolling out to help busy adults with ADHD obtain those desired outcomes and he walks us through how that works. He talks about how this might be different than more popular support systems for adults with ADHD and gives us a little bit of insight into how this helps people through their ADHD journey.

And as always, Jeff and Dave give a few quick tips for busy professionals with ADHD to implement in our daily lives and begin to work on ourselves.

You can find Jeff Copper and Dig Coaching here.


Exploring and understanding different support systems for adults with ADHD