Most of us have heard of or purchased a weighted blanket but have you ever heard of a weighted pillow? Mikey Goldman is the founder of Quiet Mind and he’s the inventor of the first of its kind weighted pillow.

And he is a successful entrepreneur with ADHD.

Dave talks to Mikey about a number of things that relate to adults with ADHD and feeling calm.

First, Mikey talks about growing up with ADHD including the successes and challenges he encountered. And he talks about some of the challenges as he entered adulthood.

As an entrepreneur with ADHD, he first started out in other careers and he talks about how he navigated those careers with ADHD.

Mikey talks about the quiet mind weighted pillow, why he invented it and why he believes that it can be beneficial for anyone with ADHD.

He talks about the science behind the weighted pillow and the calming effect that not only the pillow has but in hugging.

And Mikey discusses the must haves that he needs to have in place as a busy adult with ADHD. The most important thing he discusses is the power of having routines in his life.

Check out this great discussion not only with an entrepreneur with ADHD but an inventor of a very beneficial product for anyone with ADHD.

Find the weighted pillow here:

How a weighted pillow can help calm adults with ADHD