If you are a professional adult with ADHD, have you ever considered the services of an occupational therapist?

In this episode, we discuss why adults with ADHD may want to consider occupational therapy.

Jamie Cutino is an Occupational Therapist / 2x TEDx Speaker and an ADHD Advocate and she joins Dave to discuss various aspects of benefiting from occupational therapy.

Jamie gives a general overview of occupational therapy and how occupational therapists generally work with clients.

She talks about how we can recognize the need for occupational services.

Jamie discusses that many times adults with ADHD working with occupational therapist to manage sensory needs including overstimulation.

She also gives us an overview of the vestibular system of our body and gives us an understanding of why ADHD can affect this.

She talks about everything from a foot hammock under your desk to understanding that an occupational therapist can also help you set up your working environment for success.

Here are some ways to find Jamie including her Ted Talks.


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TEDx Talk #1
ADHD: The Unsuspected Underdog | Jamie Cutino | TEDxCWRU

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcx4Tdn7ZhM&t=378sTEDx Talk #2
Success Is Not Fitting Into Your Skinny Jeans | Jamie Cutino | TEDxManitouSprings


How occupational therapy helps adults thrive with ADHD