We can all get better at the habit of saying NO and learning how to say no properly is a long process.

But when we do get good at saying no, we not only free up valuable time and resources but we also begin to lower our stress. Committing to certain things, events, projects, or other longer-term obligations when we do not have the time to invest, increases our anxiety and has the ability to stress out everyone around us.

Back on the podcast is Sarah Reiff-Hekking, Ph.D. from True Focus Coaching. Sarah specializes in productivity and time management training for professionals. She has been on the podcast before and gives us tremendous value on how to preserve our time and get more done.

This time we talk about how to say no… but say yes to the right things.

Sarah Reiff-HekkingSarah and Dave discuss why people say yes when they really mean no. Hint, it may have to do with us not wanting to disappoint others. But Sarah gives us even more insight.

Sarah gets into why we struggle with saying no and why we continue to be challenged with this simple word.

Sarah talks about why saying yes all the time will increase our stress and ultimately lower our productivity.

And she gives us her expert advice and walks us through the process of saying no as well as how to analyze opportunities that come our way.

Sarah also discusses ways we can hit the pause button before committing to anything and how to get into that habit in our lives.

We also discuss how we can feel less guilty when saying no and how in most cases it is a relief for everyone.

You can find Sarah Reiff-Hekking at: www.TrueFocusCoaching.com


EP 109: The power of saying NO-lower your stress by learning this important word