There is never one productivity technique that will work for everyone. That is just a fact. Productivity tips for people with ADHD come in all shapes and sizes as do the tips for everyone else. You may decide pen and paper work best for you, or you may like electronic organizers and note-taking programs.

Everyone is different when it comes to productivity…ADHD or not.

This week we have back Christopher Mitchell, better known as Traveling Mitch, a successful travel blogger, and photographer. Chris is not only a professional writer but an entrepreneur with ADHD who has some great tips from managing time and productivity as someone who is self-employed.

Chris Mitchell Chris takes us through what he calls the focus and bonus method of productivity and time management that he uses in his business.

But before we get into tactics and strategies, Chris gives us an update on the travel blogging industry during this past year of the pandemic. He talks about strategies he implemented in his operations as well as finding new opportunities.

Chris talks about some of the important tasks that are in front of him on a daily basis running a writing and blogging business such as the actual writing of content, editing, distribution, and even photography.

Chris digs deep into the systems he has put in place and he talks about how he has put that focus and bonus strategy in place to be more productive.

And Chris gives us his tips as an entrepreneur with ADHD try help us be as productive as possible.

Find Traveling Mitch here with tons of great content:

EP 110: ADHD, Productivity and the concept of focus and bonus