We talk a lot on this podcast about how to have a positive mindset when you have ADHD. And we’re going to discuss the topic again this week, taking a different angle and a different approach. We look at mindset through the lens of the beginning stages of entrepreneurship and career development.

Our guest this week is Tom Bergeron, co-founder of Inventive Labs based in Massachusetts. The organization helps different learners and those of us with different brains with career prep, making use of a gap year as well as helping young people develop an entrepreneur mindset.

Tom is a lifelong entrepreneur and brings incredible experience to the organization including a strong emphasis on acceptance.

Tom Bergeron Inventive labsTom introduces us to Inventive labs and just how important these programs can be for different learners.

We discuss how important it is for the organization to help those that come to it create a positive mindset and how they do that through a positive environment. He talks about what happens when individuals come to the organization with negative thinking and how they work together to turn that around into a growth mindset.

Tom also talks about how fostering positivity is one of the foundations of Inventive Labs and why it is so important to focus on growth. He talks about accommodations and acceptance, how to build an environment of positive energy, the importance of that, and why it is important to be who you are.

As always on Overcoming Distractions, we like you to walk away with tips and advice you can use in your own life and Tom helps us through that.

Learn more about Inventive Labs on their website.


EP 108: Creating a positive mindset, the Inventive Labs Way