Adults with ADHD can make more career decisions than others. There are many reasons for this including boredom, not being challenged and other reasons such as overwork and burnout.

Reevaluating your career, which will affect your overall life, is a process that should not be done with impulsiveness. Thought and care needs to be put into your next career move and life change.

Alex Gilbert from Cape-Able Consulting joined Dave on Overcoming Distractions to talk about how to be methodical about new life choices and the signs that you may need to make changes in your life.

Alex brings up several great discussion points about reevaluating your career and life choices.

She says to ask yourself, “what do I want and what do I need in a career?

She said it might be time to evaluate your career and your job if you experience the following.

  • Having trouble getting up in the morning.
  • Being constantly reprimanded at work may indicate the wrong job or career.
  • Working in a toxic environment.
  • You feel bored or not challenged.
  • You continue to feel stressed out and experience anxiety.

Alex takes us through a number of important tips to get you thinking about your next move.

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Tips for reevaluating your career and life as an adult with ADHD