Yes we are still dealing with coronavirus, COVID-19 and ADHD.

And having ADHD doesn’t make navigating the coronavirus and the disruption in schedules and routines any easier. We’ve had many months to figure things out, change schedules, set up our home offices and more. But, we are still dealing with this and will be for many more months to come.

Add in the unpredictability of school in different models including at home, hybrid an others, and we still have to deal with the challenges of navigating distractions.

Casey Dixon is back on Overcoming Distractions. Casey is an ADHD coach for high demand professionals including attorneys, professors, and other executives. Casey walks us through on this podcast how to navigate the coming seasons, fall and winter while we still have to deal with the disruptions of COVID-19.

Dave and Casey discuss how locking down your schedule while a very popular and effective way to manage your time, has been a challenge from many. Casey discusses strategies to make sure you can still get your work and other responsibilities completes but leave room for some distractions.

Casey works with many attorneys, and many in the legal profession have seen an incredible increase in business and demands on their time during COVID-19. Depending on the type of law you practice, this could be a reality and scheduling could be a challenge. Casey discusses how high-demand professionals are dealing with the disruptions and how she has worked with many to achieve some normalcy in their daily working environment.

Dave and Casey discuss why sometimes it is important to just hit the pause button for a short time and come up with new routines and schedules. If you have kids in school, your workday may revolve around remote classes and other activities. To get the most out of your own schedule, you may need to revisit your way of doing things in the past.

Some distractions are unavoidable, whether it is during COVID-19 times or not. Dave and Casey discuss this and how we can deal with a constant flow of distractions. From kids at home remote learning fiascos and family commitments.

Casey wraps up with her top tips for navigating the fall and winter with ADHD and the coronavirus outbreak still upon us.

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How to navigate distractions and create structure during COVID-19