If you have been telling yourself that you cannot do something for years and years, this is the podcast for you. In this episode, it’s all Dave and no guest. Dave goes on a bit of a rant but also a positive message at the same time as he talks about blanket statements about ADHD that we tell ourselves and tell others.

David Greenwood Overcoming Distractions Dave shares that he is not a doctor, and certainly not a psychotherapist, but does know quite a bit about having a negative mindset and telling himself that he cannot do something. Dave talks about a personal story as a young adult and how he reflects on that to this day.

We cannot put everybody with ADHD into one box. Saying things such as people with ADHD cannot focus. Cannot resist urges. Cannot do math. These sweeping statements do not help us and do not help others in any way. Just because you have been diagnosed with ADHD, does not mean that you are handed a brochure of things you cannot do.

Many successful entrepreneurs, attorneys, professors, doctors and other successful people do have ADHD. They did not let a limiting mindset control their success and their destiny.

Bottom line if you are an adult with ADHD, please give yourself some credit.

Although Dave does mention he sucks at math…



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EP 84: If you have ADHD, please give yourself some credit

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