Those of us with ADHD need to find the activities that provide us energy, good dopamine and allow us to maintain a good mood in outlook on life. When we constantly engage in activities that deplete our energy and even sucked the life out of us, we begin to face many challenges.

Laura MacNiven of the Springboard Clinic based in Canada is back on the podcast.

Laura talks about why it is important for people with ADHD to find the activities in our life that provide us with energy. Those going to be professional such as a career or a job or personal activities such as hobbies that you enjoy.

Laura MacNiven Springboard ClinicLaura however says that it is a challenge for many with ADHD to understand their own wants and needs and it is important to check in with yourself regularly to gain more self-awareness around activities that either provide us energy or ZAP our energy.

Dave and Laura also discuss the concept of being more productive in our lives by removing the activities that challenge our energy.

Laura and Dave also talk about how many with ADHD can experience burnout faster than others because we may be focusing on activities and other areas of our life that are depleting our energy and causing us to feel exhausted.

And Laura gives her tips to help us identify what energizes us such as a career or a job or other areas of our life.

And she discusses how we cut out the areas of our life that may be dragging us down and zapping our energy.

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How to find what energizes you when you have ADHD