Konrad Sanders is the CEO and founder of the Creative Copywriter based in London. The agency focuses on copywriting and brand building for a whole host of brands, large and small.

Konrad comes on Overcoming Distractions to discuss how he built his copywriting agency to be a 7-figure company, and he also discusses some of the challenges getting there as an adult with ADHD.

He talks about many of the challenges he needed to overcome as an entrepreneur with ADHD, including:

  • Gaining more focus
  • The shiny object syndrome
  • Wanting to do everything at once
  • The challenge with completing tasks and projects
  • Time management
  • Burnout

Konrad SandersKonrad talks with Dave about the “must haves” an entrepreneur with ADHD needs to have in place to grow and thrive. Those include:

  • Self-awareness about you and your ADHD.
  • Understanding your weaknesses.
  • You must have optimism.
  • Drive and passion as an adult with ADHD.
  • Understand there need to be processes in place.
  • Identify and find people that complement your skills.

Find Konrad here: https://www.creative-copywriter.net/



How an entrepreneur with ADHD grew his copywriting agency to 7 figures