While there are many ways to manage and thrive with adult ADHD, one of the areas to focus on is choosing the right foods. By eliminating certain types of foods, we can begin to feel better and even develop more focus.

On this episode of Overcoming Distractions Dave sits down with Dana Kay, Founder of the ADHD Thrive Institute and the author of the book, THRIVING WITH ADHD –A Guide to Naturally Reducing ADHD Symptoms in Your Child. While dana’s book is geared more towards children with ADHD, the same advice for which foods to choose also helps adults with ADHD.

Dana feels that choosing the right foods and discussing nutrition for people with ADHD do not get enough attention. It is a powerful way to manage your ADHD, and she feels more and more people should be aware of the benefits of choosing the right foods.

Dana also says that the worst foods for people with ADHD to consume are those that contain gluten, dairy, and soy. She says that if you had to choose one to start with, it would be removing gluten from your diet because it has many benefits.
Dave and Dana also talk about how there is a connection between the brain and the gut. I think there is no better evidence of this than when you get butterflies in your stomach when you are nervous.

Dana discusses how to get on the right track, including starting with whole foods, that consist of fruit vegetables grass-fed proteins, and healthy fats. She also advises you to drink spring water.

There is a whole lot more nutritional advice when it comes to ADHD in this podcast, and Dana gives her tips for getting started.

Find Dana Kay at her website as well as her book.

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How to choose the best foods for adult ADHD EP 149