Burnout can happen to everyone including those with ADHD. In fact adults with ADHD can burnout much faster when faced with an unhealthy work environment. Burnout also occurs when those of us with ADHD are not in the right job.

ADHD career coach Shell Mendelson is on the podcast this week talking about what causes employees with ADHD to lose interest and even burn out.

And Shell talks about the warning signs of being in the wrong job, how to correct that and how to lay the groundwork for finding a new career or job.

Some important points to the discussion include:

Why performance improvement programs at a job can backfire on people with ADHD.

Why confidence is important when trying to navigate your career.

What contributes to burnout in the workplace including poor communication, lack of flexibility, and insufficient physical space or open spaces such as cubicles. And, of course, the amount of house someone works.

Shell discusses how to start the process for finding a new job or career. She walks everyone through an exercise for identifying what they like and what might cause them to experience any level of burnout in the workplace.

She also has suggestions for a successful job interview to ensure you ask good questions before accepting any position.

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EP 148: Working conditions that can lead to burnout and how to move forward