In this first podcast episode of 2023, we are discussing complex ADHD.

Dave’s guest on this important episode is Jess Levy MD, a board-certified psychiatrist. Dr. Levy Also diagnosed with ADHD personally understands the challenges that come as an adult with ADHD. His practice is A+ Psychiatry, a one-of-a-kind Direct Specialty Care Practice and represents a fundamentally different approach to psychiatric care.

Dr. Levy First gives us an overview of complex ADHD which is when an individual has ADHD in one or more other mental health concerns. Often, we call this Co-occurring and it comes in the form of anxiety, depression, learning disorders and other forms.

He also discusses why it matters and why it is important to seek adequate treatment for complex ADHD. In short, if not addressed the symptoms and challenges of an adult with ADHD can only worsen and make life more challenging.

Dr. Levy Runs through many of the symptoms and signs of complex ADHD and gives examples.

And he discusses treatment options for complex ADHD including how to proceed with medication, psychotherapy and other forms of support. He discusses your treatment expectations, the trial and error of certain medications, and other support systems.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: For the listeners of this podcast, when discussing diagnostic and treatment considerations, it is CRITICAL to note that this is for information purposes only. It is not meant to replace medical advice from your medical professional.  If you have any questions about this topic as it pertains to your physical or mental health, you should discuss these concerns directly with your providers.

You can find Dr. Jess Levy at his Website:

Understanding complex ADHD and treatment options

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