How does a creative digital nomad manage her ADHD on the road?

On Overcoming Distractions this time is Nikki May, owner of Nikki D May Art and Design. Nikki sold her house, purchased a bus and now runs her art and design business on the road.

In her business, she does everything from drawing, and designing accessories and apparel as well as web design.

As a newly diagnosed adult with ADHD, she has had to build the skills necessary to run a business on the road including carving time out for work, meeting deadlines and getting it all done.

Nikki admits that her brain doesn’t always switch into working mode so it’s important for her to have implemented several ways to be productive. Those include:

Time blocking


Hiring and delegating

Having a business manager

Using contractors.

She hired somebody to set up systems for her

And one big thing, not saying yes to everything.

Find Nikki D. May Art and Design here:

How this creative digital nomad manages ADHD