If you have wondered how accountability groups and partners can help you thrive with adult ADHD, you’ll want to listen to this podcast episode.

Accountability is a powerful tool for managing adult ADHD if implemented correctly.

Eric Tivers of ADHD reWired is back on the podcast to discuss the concept of accountability and how it can dramatically improve our lives as adults with ADHD.

In this podcast about adult ADHD and accountability, we discuss:

Eric describes and gives His definition of what he feels accountability is. Because many of us think of this word as a negative, Eric dispels the myths of accountability.

Eric also discusses how the ADHD brain responds to certain forms of accountability and how it can be a powerful tool in many areas of our lives.

He also talks about what does not work when it comes to accountability.

Eric gives tips for people who are ready to bring accountability into their lives including how to start. He discusses options such as accountability groups, individual coaching, and accountability buddies.

And, Eric gives tips to ensure the effectiveness of accountability.

If you are open to cooperative accountability with no power differential, accountability can be a great tool for managing your ADHD.

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How does accountability help those with adult ADHD?