Self-discipline is the foundation of achieving what we want in life and becoming the person we were meant to be. Without self-discipline, we will never know the life we could have achieved and the goals we could have accomplished. That is why this discussion is so important.

This is part two of our discussion on the power of self-discipline for those with ADHD and others. You do not have to have ADHD to walk away with a ton of value from this podcast.

Dave continues his discussion with Giovanni Dienstmann, A meditation and self-discipline teacher and coach.

GiovanniWhile many with a distracted brain may be challenged when it comes to self-discipline, Giovanni addresses those individuals right at the beginning about any skepticism they may have. He does so by talking about his younger years when he did not feel so peaceful or disciplined. By looking at his own upbringing, Giovanni feels confident that his advice can help just about anybody become centered and disciplined in life.

Dave and Giovanni spend time on the concept of willpower. And Giovanni specifically addresses willpower for those who may have an impulsive nature. That would include those with ADHD.

Giovanni talks about how optimism goes hand in hand with willpower and he offers his tips for being more optimistic about the process.

He also breaks down the concept of awareness both internal and external awareness. Giovanni feels this is a big part of becoming more self-disciplined in life. He discusses meditation, journaling and integration as parts of the awareness journey.

Giovanni ends the discussion with small steps people can take to begin the journey of more self-discipline in their lives including the PAW Method, Pause, Awareness and Willpower.

If you are looking for a methodical and well thought out approach to getting more out of life and finding the discipline you need to achieve your goals, this is a great discussion.

Find Giovanni at his website and learn more about the programs he offers.


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EP 98: The power of self-discipline-Part 2

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