Are you an overthinker, procrastinator, or book lover? Are you distracted but focused all at the same time? Do you hate waiting but love daydreaming new ideas? And do you feel you have multipotentiality? You might be a gifted adult.

This podcast is dedicated to those who feel they are gifted adults. The guest this time is Paula prober, a licensed psychotherapist and the author of two books, Your Rainforest Mind and Journey into your Rainforest Mind.

Paula begins by talking about her definition of someone who has the rainforest mind including qualities, and examples of those gifted adults. She also discusses some of the challenges of gifted adults including waiting for things, overwhelm and meeting up to one’s potential as well as the ability to focus.

Paula talks about the many gifts of those who are gifted adults and talks about where the term rainforest mind comes from.

And she gives advice for anyone who might need a little help in fostering their gifts.

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EP 76: The gifted adult- A look into the rainforest mind