This podcast has pretty much nothing to do with ADHD and everything to do with personal growth, development, creating successful habits and achieving goals. There’s a story here for everyone who wants more out of life.

But, if you do have ADHD, you will learn a lot of focus and habits from this discussion with Alicia Doyle.

Alicia Doyle is the guest and she is the author of Fighting Chance, the story of her journey from journalist to female boxing champion.

Alicia describes her journey starting as a reporter covering a boxing gym for youth and how that ultimately got her into the sport of boxing. Dave and Alicia discuss a number of topics about her training including the feeling she got out of training, how she gained more focus through boxing and why it was critical, and she discusses the personal benefits from training in the world of boxing.

She discusses what she is most proud of as a result of training in the sport of boxing and what others can take away from her journey in the boxing world.

What is it like training in the boxing gym for hours? Alicia talks about the rigors of training for a fight.

Alicia also talks about how boxing helped her with routines and habits, goal setting and personal growth. And of course, health and wellness.

And Alicia gives her tips on how to achieve what you want in business and in life and how the world of boxing helped her set a path for success.

You can find out more about Alicia Doyle as well as purchase her book here:

EP 72: A Fighting Chance with Boxing Champ Alicia Doyle