Back this week for another podcast is Dr. Sharon Saline to discuss the topic of whether people grow out of ADHD. It is another one of those common discussions in the world of ADHD and a topic that many have different views on.

Dr Saline is the author of the book What Your ADHD Child Wishes You Knew and in private practice in Western Massachusetts.

Dave and Dr. Saline first discuss her book and that fact that there are many parts of the book that resonate with both children and adults with ADHD and there are valuable lessons to be taken away from her book.

Dr. Saline cites various research that suggests some children do outgrow ADHD but there is another camp that suggests that in most cases it is more about adapting to your environment and becoming more self-aware.

Dr. Saline brings up our 11 executive functions and how they operate. When we are doing the things we love, in the right environment or we have a great career that we enjoy, those executive functions may work great.

She also brings up what she calls the 5 C’s that she outlines in her book. Those are, Self control, compassion, collaboration, consistency and celebration. She details these and how they help an individual with ADHD.

Join Dave and Dr. Saline for a great discussion about whether we do in fact grow out of our ADHD>

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EP 54: Do You Grow Out of ADHD? Is It a Myth?