One of the best ways to thrive with adult ADHD is through effective routines and proper systems. It’s also great if the important things in your life have a place where you can find them.

Effective routines that are tailored to our lives and our careers help guide us throughout the day and provide tremendous benefits for reducing the stress of having ADHD.

This week we have Skye Rapson on the podcast who is the founder of the Unconventional Organisation based in Auckland New Zealand. Skye and her team offer ADHD coaching and other services and everything are offered by those with ADHD.

Many people with ADHD feel they are stuck but Skye is a doctoral candidate. She is living proof that people with ADHD can thrive and achieve the goals they want. She discusses briefly how she has been able to navigate school and other life commitments to get to this point in her life.

Skye and her team focus a lot on routines with their clients including how they work closely to identify overwhelmed and create strategies to reduce overwhelming behavior with ADHD. She discusses how they do that.

Skye and Dave also have a discussion about the importance of developing systems because they do support our weaknesses.

Skye walks us through a process for creating routines in your life when you have ADHD. She also says that we need to consistently revisit our routines because circumstances in life and our careers are changing all the time. It’s important to adjust where needed.

Dave and Skye also talk about how creating proper systems and routines can reduce the effects of burnout. Running around scattered all day only creates stress and anxiety and will ultimately lead to burnout.

Find out more about Skye Rapson and her team here:

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EP 143: ADHD and the power of routines and systems