Were you ever officially diagnosed with ADHD? Are you thinking you might want to see a professional for an ADHD diagnosis?

This week, we discuss what an ADHD diagnosis might look like in the coming years as well as what some professionals feel should be included in diagnosing people with ADHD.

Back on the podcast again is Sarah Cheyette M.D., author of many books on ADHD including, ADHD & Me, ADHD and the Focused Mind, and Winning with ADHD. Dr. Cheyette recently published an article in Psychology Today with her Husband, Ben Cheyette about the future of ADHD diagnoses.

Sarah Cheyette MDDave and Dr. Cheyette discuss what the criterion for a diagnosis is today as well as historically and whether she feels that has been an adequate method of arriving at a conclusion. They also briefly walk through what a professional may be looking for.

They discuss why separating adults and children makes perfect sense in a diagnosis and why that is more important today with technology and innovation. They discuss why taking the working environment into consideration is important as well as a child’s environment with school and other recreation.

They discuss why screen time and the number of hours spent on social media and other platforms can help a professional understand someone’s ADHD.

Dr. Cheyette expresses what she would like to see in the future of diagnosing ADHD. Much of that is also included in her recent article.

Find the article in Psychology Today here.


Connect with Doctor Sarah Cheyette here at her website. https://sarahcheyette.com/

EP 116: What will an ADHD diagnosis look like in the future?