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Host a discussion about successful entrepreneurs and how they stay focused in this crazy busy world.

David Greenwood Speaker


You can view David’s Demo speaking video here

If you are running any type of firm that serves the needs of business owners and entrepreneurs, then you may be interested in hosting a business breakfast/discussion with author David Greenwood.

David Greenwood author of the best-selling book Overcoming Distractions brings a lively, fun and non-traditional discussion on staying focused, increasing productivity and removing distractions from your professional and business life.

He speaks to:

  • Financial Services Firms
  • Law Firms
  • CPA Firms
  • Others

David brings his experience and story-telling that comes straight from his countless interviews with entrepreneurs and other successful individuals in business. David has interviewed inventors, entertainers, serial entrepreneurs and many others. All were distracted as children and have now achieved great success and focus in business and in life.

This is not another session about how to color code your to-do list. This discussion will focus on:

  • 7 life habits to make you more productive
  • How professionals with ADHD get more done than you think they can
  • The best time to focus on important work
  • The inner workings of the brain when it comes to focus and memory
  • Procrastination-The true reasons we put things off
  • Research-backed ways of increasing productivity
  • Myths of productivity
  • Life habits that help with focus and distractions


“David’s adaptability to our unique event structure made him an excellent guest speaker to work with.  The preparation and pride put into his work was evident during the forum and each guest found great value in their attendance. His knowledge of ADHD as it relates to entrepreneurs and executives is outstanding. It would be a pleasure to coordinate a speaking engagement with David again.”

Centerpoint Advisors LLC

“David Greenwood is a wonderful speaker who captures his audience’s attention immediately.  Noting how noisy the world is and how easily distracted we adults all are, David offers practical wisdom through his entertaining story-telling style that provides immediate takeaways and actions steps for anyone within the sound of his voice.  Do yourself and your colleagues a favor and bring him in to speak!”

Chris Bond- Murphy Business  

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